Omer Cayman H.F. Camu Special Edition Speargun

Omer Cayman H.F. Camu Special Edition Speargun

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New Cayman Camu 3D version, designed for the most demanding spear fishermen who want to shoot big fish. It features a Cayman aluminum barrel, new 3-hole open muzzle and is provided with series of three Performer2 14 mm circular rubbers with Dyneema wishbone for maximum shooting power. It comes ready to use equipped with Match 50 reel with line and 6.5 mm stainless steel America shaft, shark finned with a dark finish. This spear gun is available in sizes 35.4", 39.4", 43.3" and 51.2" (90 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm and 130 cm).

The America shafts uses integrating three shark-fins in place of traditional notches. The profile of the shark fins is thin with the end resulting in better hydrodynamics and penetration through the fish. Each shark fin has a hole to attach the shooting line on. The shaft comes standard with a single flopper barbed point design that increases penetration.

The new Omer 100% natural latex rubber bands are coated with a red layer, preventing the UV rays harmful effects. It features a very tight inner diameter hole, manufactured using a modern technology. This process yields the highest performance. New muzzle specifically designed to allow the three circular rubbers to align rather than overlap, in order to ease maneuverability. The Match 50 Reel is a half enclosed" reel available with 164' (50 meters) of 0.06" (1.5 mm) line capacity. Reel has an extendable handle and steel sliding line guide. The spool has two bushes which eliminate the friction on the spool shaft. Complete with a drag system which keeps the line in tension even with the friction completely open. Spear Gun comes with an owner's manual.

Omer Cayman HF Caymo Special Edition Spear Gun Features

  • Omer Cayman Special Edition Spear Gun
  • New Cayman Camu 3D Version:
  • Designed for Most Demanding Spear Fishermen
  • For Shooting Big Fish
  • Cayman Aluminum Barrel
  • New 3-Hole Nylon Open Muzzle
  • Three Performer2 14mm Bands:
    100% Natural Latex
    Coated w/Red Layer, Preventing UV Rays Harmful Effects
    Manufactured Using Modern Technology
    Process Yields Highest Performance
    Very Tight Inner Diameter Hole
    Dyneema Wishbones
  • Maximum Shooting Power
  • Comes Ready-to-Use: Equipped w/Match 50 Reel and 164' (50 meters) of 0.06" (1.5 mm) Line
  • Stainless Steel America 6.5mm Shark Fin Shaft:
    Profile of Shark Fins, Thin w/End Result in Better Hydrodynamics
    Increased Penetration Thru-Fish
    Shark Fins have Hole to Attach Shooting Line
    Dark Finish
    Single Flopper Barbed Point for Increases Penetration
  • Trigger Safety Switch
  • New Muzzle Designed to Allow 3-Circular Rubbers to Align Rather than Overlap, Easy to Maneuver
  • Available in Multiple Lengths:
    35.4", 39.4", 43.3" and 51.2" (90 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm and 130 cm)
  • Owner's Manual
  • Omer Match 50 Reel:
  • Great Accessory for Shooting Big Fish
  • Half Enclosed Reel
  • Spring Operated Extendable Winding Knob, Reduce Reels Profile for Low Drag
  • Steel Sliding Line Guide for Even-and-Smooth Line Pay-Out and Re-Winding
  • Spool 2-Brass Bushes Eliminate Friction on Spool Shaft
  • Drag System: Keeps Line-In-Tension, Even when Friction is Completely-Open
  • Non-Corrosive Plastic Spool